Are our products safe for our pets and children?

Yes, these products used by the Greener Blade are completely safe. We carefully calibrate our equipment daily to comply with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) regulations and to avoid excessive application. The Greener Blade is committed to the safety and health of its customers.

In fact, we use similar products as most golf courses. These products are proven to be safe to direct contact every day for all wildlife such as ducks, geese, rabbits, squirrels, dogs, and most importantly, direct human contact.

It is proven that when herbicides are applied properly, there are no risks or health concerns.

What are Common Turfgrass Diseases (funguses) Found on Minnesota Lawns?

Common Turfgrass Diseases

What is Tall Fescue and Quackgrass?

Tall Fescue and Quackgrass

Can you kill Creeping Charlie?

Yes! We use top of the line products, similar to golf courses/country clubs.

How Long before I can mow?

The industry standard says to wait 24 hours after application to mow, but in certain hotter/dryer circumstances experience indicates 4-6 hours is adequate.

How long before I can water?

Again, the industry standard is to wait 24 hours; however, oftentimes you only have to wait as little as 2 hours for weeds to absorb the herbicide.

You came and serviced our Lawn and an hour later it rained. Now what?

Please call us within a few days if the weeds are not dying, we will revisit your lawn at no charge.

You were here 5 days ago and my weeds are not dying in some areas is there anything I can do?

Please call us for a free revisit. We are glad to come out and address the issue at no charge to you. It is not uncommon for weeds to creep up in obscure areas.

How important are sharp lawnmower blades?

Having sharp lawn mower blades decreases the surface area of the grass by as much as four times. A shredded or torn grass blade creates a place for water to escape from the plant. This can cause the plant to wilt and potentially die. Sharp blades especially during July and August will greatly reduce the risk of wilt and can be the final component of a great looking yard.

How long does it take for grass seed to sprout?

It depends on soil temperatures. Generally, proper watering and warmer soil are conducive to seed sprouting. Usually within 7-10 days. In cooler temperatures and less watering, sprouting could take weeks.

How long for aeration cores to go away?

2-3 weeks they will break down and begin to provide micronutrients to the grass.

When is the best time to seed and Why?

Fall is the best time for seeding, between August 15th and October 1st.

During this period seedlings won’t have to compete with weeds that are emerging in the spring and summer months.

In addition, seed beds can wash out when exposed to excessive rain. In the spring, Minnesota has frequent heavy rainfall compared to the fall when longer and lighter rainfalls occur.

Also, you absolutely cannot seed in the spring if you plan to apply pre-emergent crabgrass control. This crabgrass treatment can damage the germination process. Crabgrass multiplies at a rapid rate. It can easily take over a seedbed, halting the germination process.

When is the best time to prune ornamental trees?

Late fall or during the winter months is usually optimal, when the trees are dormant. During this time, there aren’t many insects or active diseases that can cause harm to the fresh cut wood.

What is the difference The Greener Blade and
an Organic Fertilizer Company?

Organic companies use a fertilizer that is derived from animal waste. The main downfall of organic fertilizer is that it costs more to make the fertilizer. Often, this cost is passed down to the consumer.

All organic fertilizers are a “quick release” fertilizer meaning it is available to the plant for up to7 days and then it breaks down. Grass will react to the quick release organic fertilizer immediately causing a short-term rapid growth of the plant followed by an abrupt plateau and turn downward causing it to lose its desired color and density.

The organic herbicides are also proven to be less effective against many weeds, such as the persistent Creeping Charlie.

The Greener Blade uses a synthetic Phosphorus free fertilizer that is coated with sulfur to allow slow release of the nutrients. This ensures that your yard is being supplied with necessary nutrients all summer.

Our herbicides are proven to work. We use the highest and safest products on the market to ensure quality and safety.

What is the difference between The Greener Blade and Competitors like TruGreen?

1. Better quality service. The Greener Blade is both owned and operated by Nathan Studer. This ensures that you have an educated and trained professional treating your yard each and every time.
2. Competitors, such as TruGreen, use a liquid fertilizer that is combined with herbicide to treat their customers’ yards. This is much less effective than the products used at the Greener Blade. See the fertilizer section for further details on Greener Blade’s dual fertilizer and herbicide treatment system.
3. The Greener Blade applies fertilizer and herbicide separately and ueses a “spot spraying” strategy when applicable. This involves spraying only where weeds are present. This method is much safer and environmentally friendly by avoiding excessive chemicals.
4. The Greener Blade cares about its customers and guarantees their satisfaction.


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